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Disseminating the teaching of Islam or doing dakwah activities was initiated by the department since Jamiyah founded in 1932. The activity was not tailored only to the Muslim community, but extends to various races and religions.

The activities were expanded through three ways: a speech or lecture, writing or publishing and walk the talk to be a good example. With the said activities, a lot of non-Muslim citizens have come to understand Islam.


In the field of dakwah through speeches, for example, many talk lectures, forums, debates and discussion were organized from time to time. The activities have been achieved not only by scientists or muballig of the country, but also from abroad as well.


In the era of "Young Blood" under led by Hajji Abu Bakar Maidin, who began taking over the leadership of Jamiyah in 30 May 1970, these activities have been enhanced and received satisfying response.

Several mosques become the main focus of the talk, so it was with a two-storey building of Jamiyah, in the fields and others. It was unexpected and very good response.


The presence of people to venues of lectures, causing anxiety and confusion of the organisers, because many of the audience fainted due to the crowded due to eagerness to follow the lectures delivered.

At Masjid Aminah and open space next to it, for example, which can accommodate 2-3 thousand audiences, have been attended by around 5-6 thousand fans, as a result, many of them fainted. Similarly, when the ceremony was held at Jamiyah building and Sultan mosque.

The culmination of this dakwah activity was when organising the International Prophet’s birthday celebration at the national stadium on 2nd February 1981. More than 100 bodies from various streams of Islam participated in the parade which was held in the Stadium.

The response of the talk at 2.00pm to 10pm was attended by about 45.000 people. While about 10,000 of them participated in the congregational Maghrib prayer at the National Stadium.

Dakwah Department is also expanding its activities by inviting non-Muslim leaders in Singapore to convey their views on Islam in the celebration of Mawlid gatherings. Among of them is the President of Singapore, Dr. Benjamin Shears.

Presdient Benjamin Sheares honoured Muslims and the interfaith fraternity when he graced the annual commemorative Prophet Muhammad Birthday Tea Party

He received the invitation from Jamiyah to become "Guest of Honour" in the International Jamiyah’s event of Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday for four consecutive years from 1971 to 1974.

Speeches delivered in the event focused on the urgency of harmony among different races and religious communities in this country; Christian, Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and others.

Previously, the first President of Singapore, Mr. Yusoff Ishak, was also invited as a Guest of Honour at the same ceremony. It was simply held at Al Malik Faisal Hall but meaningful to the development of Jamiyah dakwah activities.

Seeing the activities Jamiyah get growing, so new efforts to expand the cultivated area, by establishing regional dakwah activities. This activity is to send the Singapore’s scholars (muballig), including Jamiyah officials to neighboring countries, like Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia.

Prophet Birthday celebrations, in fact, be one of the annual’s Dakwah Department activities. Similarly, the glory days of Islam, such as Awal Muharram, Israk Mikraj, Nuzulul Al Quran and others.

The lecturers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia who have been invited to deliver their talks are:


Prof. K.H. Anwar Musaddad, K.H. Abdullah Syaf’i, K.H. Ahmad Syaikhu, Habib Sheikh Al Jufri, K.H. Syukran Makmun, Dr. Hajah Tutty Alawiyah, Ibu Hajah Aisyah Dachlan, Dra. Hajah Suriani Tahir, Ibu Hajah Thaha Maaruf, Ustaz Hassan Din, Tan Sri Abdul Jalil Hassan, Ustaz Hairussani Haji Zakaria,  Dato Haji Abdul Kadir Talib and  Ustazah Habsah Senin.

In conjunction with the celebration, dakwah through writings also take parts such as publishing various publications, magazines e.g. Jamiyah Voice of Islam magazine, calendar and brochures in different languages.


With these activities and also projecting the values of Islam, three factors gathered message of Islam which became the source of the initiatives to this department: Dakwah by speech, writing or publication and the act that constitutes the main pillar and the identity of all Muslims to be further expanded.

In such parade activities in conjunction with the prophet birthday held annually, it might be said held each year. Normally, the parade starts from Sultan Mosque or Aljunied Islamic School to Jamiyah Building Lorong 12.


Many regional Muslim leaders and scholars have been invited to discuss various issues to promote and develop Islamic dakwah in the region. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, the Prime Minister of Malaysia was the Guest of Honour.

The department has also organized a seminar on Kidney Transplant from 6 to 8 May 1994. Many muftis from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Saudi Arabia were present and discussed on kidney transplant issues, in particular of Muslim Singaporeans.

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